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The Story & History of Chase on the Lake

Learn why Chase was built as more than just a destination….

Historic Chase on the Lake on Leech Lake in Walker, Minnesota

Chase on the Lake wasn’t built as a destination. It was built to encourage families to enjoy the ride together. Vacations and trips aren’t meant as an escape from life; they’re an important part of life, living, and taking time to celebrate it all.

We Go the Extra Mile – Literally 

Walker is located in northern Minnesota. We love telling guests we’re the dot on the Google map in the middle of the dark green goodness. You want Up North? You got it; the Chase is that up, up North viewpoint of vacation and resorts. It’s always worth that extra drive and final stretch of the trip no matter what direction you’re coming from. For our guests, experiencing the real, untouched Northern Minnesota lake culture is as important as where they come from.

Chase founder Steve Olson grew up in the Minnesota resort environment; his parents were partners at Breezy Point Resort. When Steve was 16 and his dad died, his dream was to someday open a resort honoring his life. That is how a legacy is born; Chase on the Lake is that resort.

Legacy here means honoring what we believe in as a company and culture to give guests the best resort experience across the Midwest:

We believe in family. Kids can fish here, and as they continue through life, those same kids can host parties, get married, and celebrate careers here across a lifetime.
We are “doers”. We’re situated on Minnesota’s best lake and while gorgeous, it’s not just for staring at. We encourage and wholeheartedly support fishing, swimming, kayaking, biking, snowmobiling, skiing, and cruising.
We are good neighbors. We’re a huge part of Walker and Walker is a huge part of us. We love this community and consider it our duty to support our colleagues and friends in good times and bad.
We are team players. The lake. The resort. The town. The three combined deliver an unforgettable experience. So do we. We model excellence and unity so companies that visit and stay here can do the same for their own teams.
At the end of the day, our mission is as clear as the water in Walker Bay: every Chase guest goes a little farther for an authentic Northern Minnesota lake experience. In turn, we go a lot further to give them the time of their life, throughout their entire life, every step of the way.

Chase is more than just a destination, it’s meant create lasting memories among families that last a lifetime.

Our Team

From creating the best lodging experience, unforgettable weddings or meetings, and even exploring the option to buy at Chase our staff is here to help with all your needs.

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