Enjoy the ICE in Minnesota

The bitter cold has finally descended upon us! What better time to take a staycation and voyage to the Chase and Leech Lake for some fun!  I don’t know about all of you but when it’s cold outside and everyone is feeling like they are bouncing off the walls at home you know it’s time to getaway! Just pack a light bag for a quick couples trip, girls getaway, or load a couple of bags for the family and drive on over. For couples be sure to check out this cozy package featuring dinner for two, a bottle of wine in your room when you arrive, and then to top it off breakfast in bed for two the next morning. Can it get any more relaxing than that on a cold winter weekend? Click here to reserve this package.

It might be cold, but we’ve got plenty of activities happening

Right now the lake is a solid sheet of ice with trucks coming and going. If ice fishing is your thing then we have the perfect set up for you. Leisure Outdoor Adventures has a heated ice house available for rent!  Whether you’re looking to kick back with the guys for a full or half day out the ice be sure to reserve you rental now for an amazing fishing experience. LOA’s fleet of fish houses are 8×14 day houses that include 8 holes, LED lighting and a privacy bathroom. Houses have wall mounted heaters to keep those toes warm while dropping in your line. Better yet, the houses are set with plowed road access or with in a walkable distance from shore for early ice.

If ice skating is more up your alley, then you’re in luck, because the skating rink is up and running as well! Everyone in the family is sure to love the skating right the outside the Chase on the Lake, just steps from The 502 restaurant.

Who’s ready for The 201DSC_45405 Eelpout Festival? Be sure to book your rooms now and buy your buttons for this killer event on ice.  With just over a month away all you pouters out there should start gearing up for a festival to remember!  Stay the weekend at the Chase on the Lake and have the luxury of staying steps away from all the action (3 night minimum required), Click Here to Make a Reservation.

For all you party people out there be sure to signup for the 2nd Annual Beer Pong Tournament.  Gather your team of family or friends, warm up your throwing arm and get your game face on for this crazy fun event! As an added bonus, the tournament lasts two days this year!! Participants in the Beer Pong Tourney will playoff on Friday, February 20 from 3pm to 7pm and then move into the championship round Saturday, February 21st from 3pm – 7pm.  We are sure there will be a rowdy crowd in the Chase Ice Tent ready to cheer on the this intense battle of beer and brawn.

DSC_4552What better way to spend a vacation on the ice then partying it up with your friends and family, sitting out on the cold hard ice, and fishing through a small hole for the ugliest fish you’ve ever seen.  For those of you who love the extreme cold and enjoy a good smack in the face with ice cold lake water be sure to check out the POLAR PLUNGE! This event at the EelPout Festival is sure to make your skin tingle and and toes fall off, but man it’s entertaining!   The audience will watch as a variety of people slowly walk up to the “ice stage” gearing up for their jump into the freezing waters of Leech Lake. Participants experience what I like to call the three emotions of the Polar Plunge – ANTICIPATION as they gear themselves up for the walk to the stage, EXCITEMENT as the crowd cheers and beckons them on to jump, and then a FLASH of FEAR right when they jump and they’re thinking “Oh My” I just did this and it’s to late to turn around mid-air!!! I mean really who doesn’t enjoy sitting back and watching a variety of people whether dressed in your normal everyday swimsuits to full on bear costumes jump into icy waters and seeing their reactions as their heads submerge….priceless.

Be sure to check back as we continue to write about more events happening at Chase on the Lake and the EelPout Festival. Check out this video by Zippo for an overview of how “rockin” The EelPout Festival is!

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