Chase on the Lake of Walker, Minnesota Donates Comforters to those in need.

Chase on the Lake bought new comforters in 2017 to replace the worn ones and instead of tossing out the used linens, the staff decided to donate the used ones to the Disabled Veterans Association in the metro area and to Paws and Claws Pet Rescue and Resort of Hackensack.

The Disabled Veterans Association was formed in 1998 and has since been providing veterans with emotional support, crisis intervention, community referrals, emergency response services and educational information through teams of trained volunteers. The aim of this organization is to provide support and aid in times of crisis to help enhance the quality of life for veterans

The second donation went to Paws and Claws Pet Rescue and Resort of Hackensack which opened July 7th of 2017 and remains a No Kill Shelter focusing on pet adoptions for cats and dogs. cats and dogs

The Paws and Claws mission statement is saving animals lives, educating youth and completing families – A place to stay or be found.

If you would like more information about adopting a pet please stop by and check out their new location in Hackensack between the hour of  11am-3pm for the general public

Founders: Jack and Betty Thomas

Executive Director – Coretta Czycalla

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